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About Sam

My name is Sam. I grew up in Minneapolis and I live in Brooklyn. I consider both my home. 

I'm one of 4 brothers. They're all awesome. The first family pet was Lilly but I named Ozzy. Felix & Suzy came later. They were all dogs. We also had Rickety & Rex (bunnies), Kitty & Luna (cats), and a few fish & doves (they didn't really have names).

I've always liked savory over sweet. I love olives & oysters. I enjoy sledding.

I became a magician at 11 indirectly through a fascination with knights. My first show was for my little brother's birthday. I kept doing magic for five years and it was the most I've ever been paid (sorta). I can still do a trick here and there.

I met Molly by accident and married her seven years later to the day. We make each other better. She's really cool which means I did a good job.

I love ideas but an idea is nothing. I love when people make things and I like being a part of that process. I've made a bunch of things but also advised, consulted, guided, encouraged many other projects and companies. I'd love to help you too.

*Sometimes* I write things on Medium. I rarely post to Instagram. I only pretend to get Twitter. I'm ready to be done with email.

I like meeting new people in real life. Reach out.