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My name is Sam Utne.

I'm a Strategist, Creative Director, & Entrepreneur. I help clients identify and develop strategic initiatives (like programming, products, and businesses) in-line with the highest priorities of their organizations with an eye toward community building and authentic storytelling. I use a system of defining goalscreating strategy > building infrastructure > setting process. Sometimes I call myself a business cartographer.

I co-Founded Madcap Factory, an amusingly eccentric production house that builds event formats and experiences to help brands engage their communities. I’m also the Founder of Fort Greene Commins which works to connect the community through local events and mapped services. We produce event, workshops, and happy hours intended to introduce neighbors to each other as well as seek out and highlight local businesses address growing demands in the community.

I mentor at the NYCEDC's Futureworks Incubator. I was Managing Director of Impact Hub NYC, co-Founder of Postography, Creative Director at TILE Financial, Business & Innovation Strategist at Fahrenheit 212, and Director of Marketing at IMP (now AdPredictive). I served on the board of Threshold Foundation and have been an early advisor to many startups including Runa, Mexicue, and L

Visit "About" & "Projects" for a more complete picture of who I am and what I do. Or, cut to the chase and contact me to discuss how I can help you.